Ask the Universe, you Deserve it!

Ask the Universe, you Deserve it!

What is it that your heart desires?

Have you figured out what it is that you really want? I mean really really want from the bottom of your heart. The universe WILL provide all it is that you seek! I took some time to think about what it is that I really want so that I can be crystal clear when I ask the universe for assistance in manifesting my desires. I don't mind sharing that with you. 

A lot of people want cold hard cash money to enhance or change their life and I will be honest, I am one of them. But, that's a shallow want, or is it? I had to ask myself why do I want to be successful and what will I do with the money once I have it? My answers didn't surprise me because I am a very compassionate empath and a Leo by zodiac. Naturally, I tend to nurture people and bond with them and I have always expressed my "heal the world" personality. It is who I am down to the very core of my soul. That will never change.

We all have permanent soul personality traits and from reincarnation to reincarnation they never change. Soul personality traits are our true identity. When in a state of absolute - zero + you are are your higher self. 

Know what you want.

What I really want is to leave my heart-print in the lives of as many people and living things as possible while I am here. I want to infect others with unconditional love and happiness. I want to show everyone that happiness is a choice no matter your financial status. Compassion, mindfulness, love and empathy is in our true nature. 

5 Things my heart desire.

  1.  Somehow, I want to build better shelters and free housing for the homeless all over the world powered with clean solar energy. Every establishment will be a relaxing setting with a Truth Seekers Knowledge Library for all. There will be free classes on meditation and discussion groups for those interested in seeking the truth. Orgonite devices will be all throughout the property to assist with EMF protection, maintain balance, keep peace, provide clean and positive energy, heal negative energy and promote health to all those nearby. The building will be cleansed and blessed with Palo Santo (Holy Wood) and twice a month we will burn Palo Santo in a bonfire to give people the opportunity to cleanse themselves. The food will be organic and the water will be natural alkaline water.
  2. I want to travel and see our beautiful planet while personally going around the world to find people in need and help them change their lives. If they are willing to learn, I will teach them how frequency, intention, visualization works so that they can change their vibration to change their reality like I did. I also want to teach them how to seek out truth.
  3.  I will build a nice home with a comfortable meditation room. I will have large healing crystals to work with and land to grow my own food and food for the shelters. I see land with flowing water and grass where I can sit in the sunlight and moonlight to bask in their energy and remain grounded. I can smell the flowers in the wind and taste the fresh fruit from my garden. I can picture orgonite everywhere to transform any negative energy that comes my way into positive energy before it enters my home. I can see myself happy and healthy enjoying my life while spending quality time with family and friends. I totally see myself having meditation parties and inviting the community to participate.
  4. I will heavily promote the importance of kindness, empathy, compassion, and love. I will fund commercials, billboards, start a free "Good News" newspaper or magazine, social media promotions (since that's where everyone lives these days), create a "Good News" television channel, radio commercials, and any way I can think of. You can help me think of ways too in the comments.  
  5. I want my children and family to be able to travel and learn from various cultures, see the world, visit ancient artifacts and explore the curiosity and power of their soul. I want them to thrive and not fall victim to the obey system. Work, home, sleep, repeat is a slave cycle. This will help keep their creativity going, their hearts expressive, and their minds open and in the habit of learning. I wish this for everyone. 

You deserve it!

Seems like a lot right? But, it isn't. We all deserve whatever it is that we want and hold the power to manifest it. No dream is ridiculous or out of reach and once you fully understand that you can change your life as quickly as your beliefs allow. In an instant once your beliefs change your reality matches them. After all, you have the power of the entire universe behind you.

The universe is solely your creation.

YOU are all there is, all there ever was, and all there ever will be. YOU created this world and everything in it with the power of your mind. YOU are the intelligence behind how everything works and intricately flows in perfect synchronization. YOU are the singularity in the center of the universe! Everyone and everything that exist is a holographic reflection of your thoughts and your thoughts having thoughts. For example, every thought gives birth to a new possibility and every possibility exists in a new world of possibilities to be carried out. Every thought creates a new timeline. It is eternal life. YOU are God!

What happens when you ask the universe?

So, when you ask the universe for assistance it will respond at the speed of light with pure accuracy and magnetism because it was born from within you! It has no choice but to respond as clearly as your intention. The universe is run by your subconscious mind, your higher self and is completely at your service. 

Remember, if you control your thoughts by thinking positively about yourself and others, and use your emotions to really feel what you desire your power to create what you actually want will be unstoppable and you will easily see the proof manifest.

How to: Imagine with your emotions

Always imagine yourself exactly where you want to be, at least once a day for a few minutes. Know what it looks like and fells like to wake up as the person you want to be with all of your desires already manifested. Imagine what you will do first and then imagine how the entire day will go in detail. Take a look around with genuine gratitude and excitement. Pick something up and say, "I have (name the item).

Remember the details and add more every time you imagine it. Relive this day in your mind and allow yourself to feel all of the emotions you will have as if it was actually happening. A good idea is to listen to meditation music specifically made for manifesting while you imagine your desired reality. I'll post a few YouTube videos below that is my go-to for when I am consciously manifesting my reality.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope this information helps you to manifest all that you desire and more. I express love and light to you from the bottom of my heart. Namaste. 



This video will help you ask the universe and feel good about it.


This amazing speech from Neville Goodard will help you understand and accept your inner power. 

This video will help you put your mind in the right frequency to manifest everything you want. 


Do you have something to share? Have you manifested anything into your reality? Please, share it with us in the comments.

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