Spiritual Awakening and Soul Evolution

Spiritual Awakening and Soul Evolution

The Space Between

You have awakened to the truth. You have learned of the great deception and you have uncovered many secrets that published history has held from you and flat out lied to you about. My advice, don't get upset about it. Instead, realize that they are still learning on a spiritual journey of their own and realize that balance must exist or nothing would exist.

There is a space between negative and positive energy. With that being said, you can live on whichever side you choose. If you don't like the neighborhood... move.

Negative energy and positive energy have always and will always be separated by the space between them. You can move as far away as you'd like by awakening to the truth (awareness) and applying it to your life (evolution). Raise your vibration and naturally, lower vibrations will never be able to reach you because they travel in opposite directions.

But, Opposites Attract, Right?

Opposites are only attracted to the space between them. I find it fascinating! They don't call it point blank zero for nothing. A singularity, is the center space between opposite energies, vibrations, and frequencies.

Since energy travels in all directions simultaneously we know that this space exist. You are the source consciousness, awareness, and information of that space. The single source that expresses and impresses energy.

Energy is consciousness. The ultimate intelligence, the director that decides all of existence and powers motion and transformation. Energy can never die. It can only move, transform and expand simultaneously. 

Energy travels in all directions. Which means it travels into and away from itself simultaneously creating a continuous energy field that flows (known as the torridal flow).

The torridal flow is the push and pull of negative and positive energy around an object, like a magnet. Think about this, magnets are charged with energy before they become magnetic. This is why the law of attraction works.

Magnetic Intention

If you often visualize what you want your subconscious mind will direct you toward that energy and push you down that side of the magnet. You will travel as far and fast as the force that pushed you.

As long as you keep a positive charge, you will forever continue in that direction. But first, you have to know you can by being optimistic and discovering new opportunities. If you don't your energy will not turn you in that direction.

It's like choosing to download an area map on a phone with no data connection but you want to get to the other side of the world. It would be so much easier to use your navigation system.

Your subconscious mind is your navigation system. Your brain is the engine and your body is your car. Turn on your navigation system an drive...

If You Know Better, do Better - Apply Your Knowledge

What are you doing with the information you've collected? Have you used what you've learned? Just soaking up powerful metaphysical and quantum knowledge can be overwhelming in itself at times. Trust me, I know from experience.

Once you are aware of information and you understand it your spiritual evolution begins. 

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