Introducing: The Good News Blog

Introducing: The Good News Blog

Not all heroes wear capes.

Let me just start by saying in this very moment I was watching priceless YouTube videos that gave me more meaning in my life. Sometimes you come across something so precious and so beautiful it bursts your heart chakra wide open and fills your entire being with love and warmth. When I watch videos like this on a bad day I instantly feel better and for a moment I forget about the troubles of my life and I am completely healed. I get inspired and I can feel my soul's purpose like never before. I become absolutely sure of who I am and why I exist in a physical body at these precise moments in time.

I AM Inspired!

I want to share this feeling with you and I want you to share it with anyone you know who can use a little pick-me-up. Right now, i'm still designing my website but i'm so in love with what I just saw and felt that I decided to go completely off course to dedicate a full section of this site to highlight Good News! I feel so good about this idea and I know creating it is one of my many callings. I'm thinking of calling it either "The Good News Blog" or "News From The Heart, For The Heart".

Being an empath, I always cry like a baby when my heart fills with so much compassion, empathy, and love while watching these videos. I hope my hand-picked collection of videos touch your soul as deeply as they touch mine.

From me to you with love.

The Good News Blog is a gift from me to you with love and light. I can't wait to personally put it all together. Now days, there is just too much focus on negativity and evil-doers. News channels are full of sadness and spread fear like wildfire. We need balance. I am here to brighten your day and go above and beyond to spread The Good News happening in our world. 

I can't do it alone, I need your help.

Everyone deserves to raise their vibration and connect with the kindness and love of others around the world. Everyone has the right to know about the Good that happens on a daily basis and to not be forced to focus on the bad. Lets help other people reprogram their mind for kindness and love. Don't let the bad guys and the media destroy humanity.

Together, we can begin to heal the world in many creative ways. Commit to kindness and help others open their heart chakras too by sharing The Good News Blog with the world. Because, sharing is caring. That statement can't be more true.

Every heart is connected and for every heart chakra that is opened we raise our vibration as a whole and our planet heals with gratitude. Thank you for being you! Thank you for your open heart and your open mind. I express love and light to you and thank you for reading my blog. 



Here is the first video of The Good News Blog

I will post a Good News video that touches my heart every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 am (CST) to share my heart warming experiences and help keep heart chakras open and active around the world. My advice, keep a roll of tissue nearby.

This is the video that touched my heart today and inspired me to add this section to Truth Seeker's Journey. 


Share your "Good News" stories with us in the comments below and help bring more awareness to kindness. 

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